Montag, 3. November 2008

Beta Version finished

Hi there

The beta Version of my drum synth is finished!! Since the case is fully packed with electronics i will add midi-support and some of the optional stuff externally. It's extremely fun to play around, and, as i wrote in the first post in this blog, very intuitive and easy to use since i created this instrument exactly as i wanted is (withing the limits of my mechanical building capabilities of course).
Thats certainly not the end of this blog and my era of building synth's, i feel more it's just the beginning .. there are too many ideas spinning around in my mind. Anyway, currently i'm working on clean documentation of the drum synth and on PCB's. On idea of pusblishing the building process on the web was also to make it accessible for other people. For this i got some webspace where i will put the sequencer source code, schematics etc. Having it as pdf's is probably more usable than plain pictures... Please let me know if you're interested in re-building the project of parts of the project, if someone is interested i will start designing pcb's. I'm also willing to sell pcb's and programmed avr's ..

Here is the video of a first demo, unfortunately i turned up the reverb a little bit too much..


recompas hat gesagt…

hi, I'm very interested in making this project. Looking forward to some schematics. I'd also be interested in purchasing a PCB and programmed AVR chip if you decide to offer them. Great work!

Petyr hat gesagt…

i am also interested in your synth. can't wait to see the module schems. i can't believe how fast you went from concept to functional prototype. great job!!

bizmarkie507 hat gesagt…

outstanding blog. I am very interested in building a drum machine myself. Like recompas, I too am interested in purchasing a PCB and a programmed AVR chip if you have any available. Send me a message. thanks again for this blog!

lilbuzjr hat gesagt…

You have got something great going on here. You could take this anywhere. Its really nice that you have share this (and schematics especially) with everyone on the web. There are so many people that will benefit from having seen this. You must realize that you could easily have restricted this information and make people pay to have used it. You could also do that with your programs for the microcontrollers, but im sure that there would be so many people that would like it very much if you put that information up on your blog. Thank You!

Anton hat gesagt…

Hi, grate, interesting and nice project. May be it is possible to get all schematics and pcb layouts in one file, because not all of them can be reached from your website.

May be you improved some options of this drum sinth?