Sonntag, 28. Dezember 2008

AVR-Based Synth

After finishing the Drumsynth Prototype i started another little synth project. It consisted in turning an atmega16 microcontroller in a simple 4-voice polyphonic synthesizer.
I've been working a lot with microcontrollers so i was curious to see if i could turn an atmega into a polyphonic synth. Another reason for this project was a lot of spare time at my dayjob since this project is much about programming which can be done ver easily in the office ;-)

By simple i mean that it only contains one oscillator per voice, no filter and a ADSR envelope per voice. Of course there are some other avr-based synth projects (,, in contrary to these projects i tried to focus on polyphony, with the aim of including it in a modular synthesizer.
What came out until now is a very cheap, cheap-sounding and cheap-sounding box. Technical data:
wave sampling rate: 31,25 kHz
resolution: 16bit
envelope (and possibly lfo) sampling rate: 244 Hz
midi: note on/note off
Extensions: basic wavetable capability, lfo

here is the video of this synth(sorry about the sound)

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King of the Spill hat gesagt…

Nice work. I was wondering if leaving out a octal buffer would not really matter in this kind of design and you basically proved that.

I have been attempting to get a simpler mono version of the AVR synth with an 8 bit R2R, but have been had more noise. I imagine your power supply is much cleaner of a voltage than my USB power.

Do you have any audible noise playing square or sawtooth waveforms?