Freitag, 26. September 2008

Snare Drum Concept

Lately i was working heavily on the sequencer software, fortunately a basic version of it now works! for me debugging is a painfully boring yet demading task which is don't like at all. Especially because digital circuits are not likely (at least this one was not) to show any funnly behaviour when working incorrectly. Debugging analog sound circuits can be very inspiring and funny since in general malfunctioning circuits tend to make some sound which is of course is not what you expect, sometimes even better than that.
Lets come to the snare dum concept. The sound source is six oddly detuned square wave oscillators which should make a 'grainy' noise sound. This sound is then fed through a normal decay only evelope controlled VCA. An additional 6dB high pass filter is added to be able to shape the sound a little bit.

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