Mittwoch, 10. September 2008

Some photos of the case

The case in the beginning (unmodified). The plastic separators have to be taken out.
Some plastic separators melted out... was a long and tedious work
LED and rotary switches mounted, staring the wiring of the user interface components
The switches are wired the leds not (yet)
front view (note that the paper layout gets glued over the switches again once finished), probably the layout for the 'upper' part isnt finished yet.


creekree hat gesagt…

hi, interesting stuff here!
however... consider picking a different case. the plastic one you`re about to use is probably much too brittle, especially since you'll have to drill quite some holes in there to fit the pots and such.
i dont think that the case will last a long time.
so, why don't you walk the extra mile and get yourself a piece of 2mm aluminum? it's easy to work with and /much/ better. if you're desperate to use the plastic container that you've got then maybe you can glue the aluminum on top...
anyway, just an idea.

Philipp hat gesagt…

thanks for the comment! The problem with a aluminium case is that the tools in my mechanical workshop are quite limited. Since i wanted to used cheap quadratic push buttons i had to make quadratic holes, my my tools it would be a pain to do them in aluminium. Also i don't want to spend too much money for a project of which I dont know how well it will work in the end.
If it this turns out nice i consider doing pcbs and a nice box, the actual version is more a 'prototype' version.