Freitag, 17. Oktober 2008

Some layout changes

The drumsynth project is progressing well, currently basic versions of all the sound modules are built (except for the 'sampler', this is gonna be either a circuit-bent mp3-player controlled by an atmega8, or an atmega16 which plays 'computed' samples). Also the mixer part, the device which sums up all the individual sound sources is finished and partly tested. For testing i attached only the bass drum to the sequencer and played around.. great fun.. can wait for the thing to be finished!!

For the sake of order i removed the 'distortion' knob on the tom module so that all the modules expect the snare have the same height. To make the layout a little 'sexier' in added some decoration (paying tribute to my patron and mascot LB ;-) ).
Here is how the new layout looks like:

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