Dienstag, 7. Oktober 2008

Trial and Error vs. Abstract Math

Before putting any new info about the other sound modules i'd like to talk a little bit about the electronic design 'strategies' i used to create the schematics. A lot of this was done base on a trial and error approach without really calculating exact values for the resistors and capacitors. Usually this worked quite well, since a lot of design ideas are taken from other schematics that already have shown to work. For some things however it's good to force yourself to go through the entire math to see whats happening in the circuit.

For the last module (the crash) i'm gonna use a phase shifter to shape the sound. For this had no idea which values to use so i was forced to go through the calculation. Also almost no (understandable) info was on the web so i decided to uncover the working mechanism of a phase-shifter or allpass myself. I put the results together in a short article (if the link doesn't work copy http://moads.100webspace.net/the_phaser.pdf in the adress bar of your browser. I hope that the document is helpful for others everything is there is correct.

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